Stow Park – Custom 360 / DEI Surveys

Everyone Has Blind Spots! (Especially At Work)

And they need Feedback to help them find out…

Their strengths, what they love about working (for that person, that team or that company), and what needs to improve.
Not just to have greater employer/employee engagement, lower staff turnover, less disgruntled disengaged employees, greater satisfaction in the job, or even greater performance and greater productivity.
But on the impact they have on other people at work… even on customers! (Regardless of how much training unless a feedback survey is present before and after training)

Because there are things getting in the way of them performing at their best.

At Stow Park, we help provide this feedback in an automated and personalised way whether for an individual, a team, an organisation or your customers.

We Personalize 360 Feedback Surveys

(Ideas, Opinions, Impressions, or Ratings)

Organisations who need some help to find out what is really going on.

So what do you want or need to learn?

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The Difference

  • Flexibility – We team up and collaborate with you
  • Customization – Everything can be customized to suit
  • Reporting – Granular & Aggregated project breakdowns with qualitative & quantitative data
  • A Personalized Service – You can talk with us (Not a SaaS)
  • Anonymity – Coded responses, Personal logins, based in France
  • Create all types of surveys – collect feedback for just about anything
  • Customize surveys to your exact need and what it is you need to learn
  • Results are clear and simple to understand
  • Free form comments on every question (If you wish)

How We Can Help You

Every survey can be unique to collect feedback for just about anything!
Here are some ideas.

Leadership developmentDiagnose skill strengths and areas for development of executives, managers and supervisors.

Managers’ coaching skillsFind out how effective managers are at coaching those who report directly to them. (About on-the-job performance).

Individual skill developmentHave team members give each other feedback about team interaction and other workplace skills.

Team developmentAssess team issues by collecting input from a variety of stakeholders.

Customer satisfaction surveysGet feedback from clients and patrons to find out what you do well and what you may need to change to create and keep loyal customers.

Performance improvement assessment Use before and after training to determine if the skills taught in class transfer to improved performance. (Making sure training is effective and money well spent).

Competency developmentGet feedback about draft competency lists. Ask stakeholders to rate the importance of the behaviours.

Organizational climate surveysCollect information about your organization’s vision, values, policies, structure, communication and management support.

Post-training survey of organizational supportSurvey participants of your training programs to find out if the current policies and systems support the application of new skills.

Needs assessmentStudy performance data to decide where to invest for development programs.

New hire assessmentCommittee interview process? Assess candidates on skill sets and compare with other final candidates.

ED&I (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)Our latest survey on the most topical and important subjects with increasing operational risk.

Or you can have a Zoom meet