We enjoyed our great conversation with you on Zoom!

It was a pleasure to learn more about you and your work. We hope that call becomes the first of many that forms the foundation of a long-term relationship.

So What Makes Stow Park Different?

At Stow Park, our niche is creating a personalized service of custom made surveys. We use a library of existing questions that can be tailored to suit. We take great pride in providing much more than just a static SaaS.

To achieve this, we use the most robust and flexible feedback system on the market! It’s been developed and improved upon since 1994 by Performance Support Systems who we have a very close relationship with.

The ever growing survey library currently contains more than 1,200 survey items in over 160 categories. Clients can use these questions “as is”, customize or have a mix with their own. Additionally, clients can also pick and mix questions from the different survey types where applicable.

And for that reason, we always offer Flexibility & Choice – Use us, Purchase the Software or both.

Survey Type Lists (Click each to reveal)

Individual Surveys


Measuring Performance Improvement
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Managers’ Coaching Skills
Individual Skill Development
Sales Training
Administrative Staff Training
Instructor/Trainer Effectiveness
Needs Assessment
Performance Appraisal

Team and Organization Surveys


Team Development
Customer Satisfaction
Organizational Climate
Employee Attitude
Post-Training Support

Download A Sample Individual 360 Survey Report

We’ve chosen a Leadership Assessment Survey Report on Dana Pritchard (Fictitious name) as Subject and 8 Respondents including Dana rating herself.

Download Sample DEI Categories And Questions From Our Survey Library

We Work With You To Develop A Price

Let us administer the surveys for you

The way our pricing works will depend on the amount of subjects and respondents. This of course can vary greatly from survey to survey. So let us work with you to develop a price.

Per subject* fee: $400 with up to 20 respondents per subject. If the survey differs from this we can work something out with you.

(*The subject is the person, team or organization receiving feedback from respondents.)

Purchase the software and do the administration yourself

To appreciate the value and opportunity gained by this option, see a demo

Why Would You Want To Purchase The Software?

Of course, we’d be only too happy to do all the work for you!

If you purchase the software and do the administration, it becomes much more cost effective especially if the need for surveys are great.

Schedule a Zoom call with us if you know you’d like Stow Park to manage the survey process for you.


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